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Neuland BigOne® Outliner, Wedge Tip 6-12 mm

Neuland BigOne® Outliner, Wedge Tip 6-12 mm

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What is it?

This Neuland BigOne® is an outliner marker. The rich black permanent ink is water-based and does not bleed through the paper.

Ideal for texts, visualisations and contours on a large scale that need to be coloured afterwards, because thanks to the permanent ink, there are no smudged lines. Remember to recap your marker directly after use.

This marker is eco-friendly.  Refill 11 X with RefillOne Black permanent ink 010.  RefillOne  ink comes sealed with a screw top cap and has an injection unit.

Important: When filling the outliners, please make sure to rinse the pipette carefully with clean water after each use. After that, the bellows and needle should be free of ink residues.

Further guidelines can be found here Usage tips – Drawn In

Technical data:
Colour: 010 Outliner (black)
Housing and lid made of PP/PE
Outliner is filled with odourless permanent water-based ink
Wedge tip: line width 6 – 12 mm

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