bikablo® Basics Visualisation Workshop

Hand-drawn visualisations on flipcharts, posters and more for better dialogue, collaboration, presentation, and facilitation.

Next live, online workshops:

August 2024

20 & 21 August and 27 & 28 August

Join this very practical workshop and discover the easy-to-learn system at the heart of the bikablo® technique.

Reflect on your learning steps and apply this approach to your field of work immediately.

What You’ll Learn

Pen Positions and Lines:  Master the large drawing space with confident clean lines.

Graphics:  Use basic geometric shapes to form graphic elements and text containers that represent the relationship and clarify meaning. 

Pictograms and Figures:  Draw objects and people in which subjects and situations can be visualised.

Combining skills:  Connect visual vocabulary to translate abstract terms into meaningful picture situations or to depict relationships as a diagram.

Colour:  Use colour strategies to add depth, and dimension, and create meaning.

Text and Handwriting: Improve handwriting on the flip chart to make it more legible and attractive.

Visual Vocabulary: Participate in activities that develop your ability to visualise and apply to your context.

Real-Time Application: Learn an approach to capture information in live settings.

Visual Structure: Visually organise and convey information in a way that is easy to understand.

Poster Design:  Combine the visual vocabulary into meaningful posters to meet your context: e.g., welcome poster, agendas, offer explanations, present, or facilitate. 

Test your learning:  Offer and receive peer feedback.  Attend follow-up sessions.

Knowledge Transfer:  Easily transfer your knowledge of working visually immediately to your work context.

Who should attend

You may be a Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, Teacher, Health Professional, Manager, Team Leader, Project Manager, Customer Experience Expert, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, User Experience Expert, Product Owner, Business Analyst, AND MORE... 

Benefits of visual thinking

cross learning and language barriers
ease engagement and stimulate interaction
make content and process visible
support the development of thoughts
connect people visually to a discussion
make the abstract tangible
support problem exploration and ideas to find solutions
make information easy to remember.

Your investment 

When you book bikablo, you always get the original. For 20 years we have been paving the way for visual thinking. Our training programs are 100% comprised of our content, learning methods, and didactic concepts.

Invest in your future today: 

Part One: R5,000.00 (excluding VAT)

Part Two: R5,000.00 (excluding VAT)

What’s included?

A certificate of Participation: This confirms participation and the topics covered.

Photo-documentation of your work: Participants will have access to digital photos of their work as a group that serves as a reference for later.

Free Top55 Bikablo Visuals App: The bikablo App can be downloaded to your desktop or smartphone so that you have the top 55 images at your fingertips to customise to your environment.

Starter Set:  You will receive an eBook bikablo starter set for Part One and Part Two, which summarises the key concepts covered in the workshop.  The starter set is available for download on the bikablo App. 

ICF Accredited Coaches: If you are an ICF Accredited Coach, you will receive Continuous Coach Education Points for full attendance.

An invitation to join Bikablo Global Online Community: An invitation to join the bikablo global community (if you are not already a member), where you can access more articles, links, and tips and connect with fellow practitioners from around the world.

Follow-up support with your peer group: You are invited to join follow-up sessions with your peer group after the workshop.  These may be in-person or online. During the follow-up sessions, the group will meet to draw together, offer feedback, and review the bikablo principles.