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On special Neuland TwinOne® Outliner

Neuland TwinOne®

This marker has everything you need to visualize with its distinctive chisel nib and the soft brush nib – all in one hand.

Refillable and eco-friendly. Brush nib line width 0,5-7mm. Chisel nib line width 2-6 mm

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Create impact with clear powerful lines

The basis of good visualisation is clear powerful lines. Eye-catching lettering can carry an impactful message on its own. Hold your Neuland marker just right, and practise!


Invite participation with visual templates

Visual templates are one of the most interactive ways of using visual facilitation. The possibilities are endless. A clear context, incisive questions and simple images, with the aid of Neuland markers, is key.


Explain complexity using text and images

Images and text work together to explain complexity and ensure the integrity of a message over time. Neuland markers do a great job.


Draw to remember with sketchnoting

Sketchnoting is great for creating focus, documenting ideas in a simple way, making connections, and as an aid to learning. Simply choose the right markers from Neulands range.

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Neuland markers don’t bleed through paper like other markers do, even when I just use them on 80gram sheets on the wall. Using Neuland markers makes me stand out as a visual practitioner because they scream, “You are professional!” The colours are bright and eye-catching and once you buy a marker it’s for life!
Deon Hanns UX and UI Designer