Usage Tips

How do I remove the BigOne marker cap?

Removing the BigOne marker cap is an easy four step process:

  1. Clutch the marker, in the upright position in your dominant hand (cap at the top).
  2. Place the thumb of the same hand against the cap and apply pressure.
  3. When you hear the “click” sound, the cap has released. Voila!
  4. Place the cap on the tail of the marker for easy retrieval when you are ready to recap it.

Are Neuland markers refillable?

Neuland’s ingenious eco-friendly refill system makes refilling your favourite markers easy-peasy, quick and inexpensive.

The RefillBox is designed to create your very own refill station. It is the ideal spot to let your markers hang with the caps removed to allow for airflow and maximum absorption during refilling. The RefillBox holds up to 4 Neuland No.One and 3 Neuland BigOne markers and stores ink bottles in the base. It is delivered flat and assembles in seconds.

You can find detailed instructions in the downloadable documents below:

 ChalkOne Refill (pdf)

 Refill BigOne NoOne FineOne (pdf)

 TwinOne Refill (pdf)

Getting the best from your Outliner Markers and RefillOne Outliner Ink Refill Unit (colour code 010)

Neuland's Outliner markers are the primary markers.

Make sure that you recap these markers directly after use to prevent them drying out.

They use a special water based ink pigment (colour code 010). It is designed to ensure that your beautiful contours will not get blurred or smeared when you add colour and shadows with our essential range of water-based markers.

For maximum efficiency rinse the RefillOne (colour code 010) refill unit after each use in a little fresh water before storing, and secure the ink bottle with the screw cap.

Can I change my Neuland marker nibs?

Yes. Give your favourite hardworking Neuland markers new life and protect our environment!

It is very easy to replace our marker nibs. Simply follow the replacement guidelines that come with your pack of 10 replacement nibs.

It is important to replace nibs with the same kind to enhance performance and avoid problems with ink flow.

You can find detailed instructions in the downloadable documents below:

 Nib replacement (pdf)

How should I store my Neuland markers?

Different markers require different storage positions to ensure maximum efficiency:

  1. Nib Side Up Storage: AcrylicOne and ChalkOne Markers
  2. Nib Side Down Storage: BigOne, NoOne and FineOne Markers
  3. Horizontal Storage: TwinOne and NoOne Metallic Markers

All markers can be transported horizontally.

You can find detailed instructions in the downloadable documents below:

 Marker Lagerung Storage Positions (pdf)

I’ve lost my marker cap. Do you offer replacements?

Yes we do! Let us know and we’ll order a replacement for you.

Can I mix my own ink colours using the RefillOne water based inks?

Yes! You may want to mix colours to match specific corporate brand guidelines or create your very own unique colour preferences.

Choose your RefillOne inks and test your mix recipe. Use the nifty RefillOne Empty Bottles to store your mix.

Remember to label your bottles and record your recipe!