Advanced bikablo® Visual Storytelling

A 3-day, in-person workshop in Cape Town 15, 16, 17 October 2024

Visual storytelling has endured as an art form, preserving, and sharing knowledge throughout history. 

Get ready to start your visual storytelling adventure.  We’ll give you the tools and knowledge you need to become a great storyteller!

Join Gill Cromhout (South Africa) and Maaike Borsboom (Netherlands)  for an enriching 3-day bikablo workshop designed to delve into the art of visual storytelling.

What you’ll learn

Essence and Framework: Uncover the essence and framework of compelling stories, which captivate your audience as they visualize the events and emotions.

Visualization Techniques: Create relatable characters and key objects to breathe life into your central message. 

Composition and Layout: Master composition and layout strategies to skillfully craft your story, accentuating its core themes. 

Shared Journey:  Prepare to embark on a shared journey of exploration, fun, and practical application with fellow participants, as we equip you with the tools and insights to elevate your storytelling skill.

Cultivate and Refine:  Cultivate and refine your distinctive storytelling style.

Apply to your unique context: Develop your ability to visualize and apply to your context.

Your investment 

When you book bikablo, you always get the original. For 20 years we have been paving the way for visual thinking. Our training programs are 100% comprised of our own content, learning methods, and didactic concepts. The workshop fee is R15,000.00 (excluding VAT). The fee excludes travel and accommodation in Cape Town.  Bookings close on 13 September 2024.

What’s included?

A Certificate of Participation: This confirms participation and the topics covered.

Photo-documentation of your work: Participants will have access to digital photos of their work as a group that serves as a reference for later.

Free Top55 Bikablo Visuals App: The bikablo App can be downloaded to your desktop or smartphone so that you have the top 55 images at your fingertips to customize to your environment.

An invitation to join Bikablo Global Online Community: An invitation to join the bikablo global community (if you are not already a member), where you can access more articles, links, and tips and connect with fellow practitioners from around the world.

Follow-up support with your peer group: You are invited to join follow-up sessions with your peer group after the workshop.  These may be in-person or online. During the follow-up sessions, the group will meet to draw together, offer feedback and review the bikablo principles.