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Neuland BigOne®, Wedge Tip 6-12 mm – Single Colours

Neuland BigOne®, Wedge Tip 6-12 mm – Single Colours

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What is it?

The special marker for headlines, large-format visualizations, and colored areas.

The Neuland BigOne® is available in a wide range of attractive ink colours.  They are filled with water-based ink and are refillable.

The wedge tip delivers line widths between 6 and 12 mm, which ensures that your font is legible at all times. The recessed grips automatically enable the correct handling.

The BigOne® is versatile, not only being suitable for large formats and emphasized texts, but they are also excellent for highlighting or showcasing visual aspects.

Technical data:

Single Neuland BigOne® in a colour of your choice
Housing and cap made of PP/PE
Filled with odourless water-based ink
Eco-friendly, refills 11 times with 45ml RefillOne Ink of your choice

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