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Replacement wedge tips 2-6 mm, for Neuland No.One®

Replacement wedge tips 2-6 mm, for Neuland No.One®

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What is it?

This is what we call ecologically sensible thinking and acting. With our moderation markers, even the writing tips are interchangeable. In this way, you extend the life of your refillable Neuland markers many times over.

The small wedge tips can be used as a spare part for the moderation markers as well as the whiteboard markers and the Neuland No.One® wedge tip outliners.

Important: Please note that you should always replace nibs of the same type (no wedge nibs in markers that were supplied with a round nib!) – otherwise there may be problems with the ink flow. Guidelines on how to replace nibs can be found on  Usage tips – Drawn In.

Line width: 2-6 mm
Material: Polyester

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