Why Drawn In

Replacement Wedge Nibs 2-6 mm - Drawn In

Being seen…

You are a Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, Teacher, Health and Wellness Trainer, Quality Champion, Manager, Team Leader, Project Manager, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, User Experience Expert, Product Owner, Product Manager, Business Analyst, and more

You facilitate dialogue, learning, knowledge transfer, problem solving, strategy and change.

You want to make content and process visible, stimulate interaction and harvest ideas.

You want to do your best work.

You want to help others to be seen.

We believe

“We do not need magic to transform the world. We carry all the magic inside ourselves already.”
JK Rowling

To support our belief and the value of your work...

We partner with Neuland® and bikablo® to make every aspect of your facilitation experience something you'll be proud of.

We import environmentally friendly, ergonomically designed marker pens, and other facilitation products to help you make your work more communicative.

We facilitate world class learning experiences to create communities of visualising people.

No sweat…we deliver 100% awesome design and quality

We deliver Neuland products to your door so you don’t have to worry about the hassles of importing, insurance and customs clearance.

We deliver customised inhouse and public bikablo® basics visual thinking skills workshop to give you the confidence to work visually.

Just add your stroke of genius!