bikablo® Visualisation as the facilitation language of the 21st Century

Martin Haussmann says, "Visualisation is not an art, but rather a modern cultural technique that can revolutionise the way we think, learn and work!"

So why develop Visualisation and Visual Facilitation skills?

    Visualisation and Visual Facilitation skills use drawing as a thinking tool in real time to:

    • cross learning and language barriers
    • ease engagement and stimulate interaction
    • make content and process visible
    • support the development of thoughts
    • connect people visually to a discussion
    • make the abstract tangible
    • explore problems and ideas to find solutions
    • make information easy to remember
    • gather ideas and create powerful records

    Our workshops are ideally suited to:

    • Coaches
    • Consultants
    • Facilitators, Trainers and Teachers
    • Health and Wellness Trainers
    • Managers and Team Leaders 
    • Project Managers
    • Customer Experience Experts
    • Agile Coaches and Agile Team Leaders
    • Scrum Masters
    • User Experience Experts, Product Owners and Product Managers
    • Business Analysts

    bikablo® tailored... because one size doesn't fit all

    We strive to meet our clients' needs with a variety of offerings.  We facilitate:

    • a two-hour taster workshop which doubles as a "try before you commit", and as an excellent Conference Break-Out Session
    • in-house workshop which can be customised to your needs
    • public workshops

    About bikablo®

    bikablo® is a pioneer, laboratory and training centre for graphic visualisation, based in Cologne, Germany.

    They bring new images and visual methods to the world, provide exceptional learning experiences, and create communities of visualising people.

    bikablo® has published a range of materials that provide a wealth of visual vocabulary, image ideas and methods to inspire visualisers worldwide.  They are all based on the drawing technique that we convey in our workshops worldwide.

    bikablo® materials are sold by their cooperation partner Neuland, and Drawn In as the Official Reseller for Neuland in South Africa.

    If you are interested to learn more, you can visit their website at